Whether you're coming from Amsterdam, Utrecht or elsewhere in the Netherlands, the Safari Meeting Center is easy to reach. Located in the heart of the Netherlands, you're just a few minutes away from the A12 or A50 highway. Plan your route in Google Maps to see how little time it will take to reach our event location.

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Public transport

Travelling to and from Burgers' Zoo by public transport is easy. Bus line 3 leaves from Arnhem Central Station to Burgers’ Zoo every fifteen minutes. There is a bus stop right outside the main entrance of the zoo.

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By car

Burgers' Zoo has a large car park. You can buy a €6.50 ticket from the ticket office that you use to open the barrier when you exit the car park.

Electric car

We have one charging station for electric vehicles which is used according to the ‘first come, first charged’ principle. You must have a valid card to use the station.

Bike & motorbike

By bike: there are unguarded bike racks next to the car park close to the main entrance.

By motorbike: there are designated parking spaces for motorbikes.

By coach

There is a coach stop in the car park. The driver can request a parking coin to exit the car park free of charge at the first ticket booth.